Security and serenity - Residenza Fabroni Montepulciano
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Our Security Checklist

What we want most of all is that you spend a splendid and peaceful stay in our residence. We gladly share our roadmap with you to make your stays safe and peaceful; these are the choices and working practices that we have set ourselves.


Daily cleaning of all rooms with alcohol-based sanitizing products

During cleaning Change of gloves and shoe covers in each room

Sterilization of fabrics, curtains, rugs and sofas with 100 ° steam

Cleaning of common areas every day

Change of bathroom towels every day. (even when not requested by guests)

Daily cleaning of breakfast dishes with dishwasher with sanitizing soap

Hand sanitizing gel at the entrance available for guests


Use of the mask by guests, collaborators or suppliers

at least one meter distance between people

Hand cleaning at the entrance of the residence with sanitizing gel for each guest, collaborator or supplier

In the case of more than one booked Suite, the breakfasts will not be served in the breakfast room, but will be brought to the room.


Early online check-in, so as to minimize the waiting time of guests before taking possession of their room. (don't worry, we will be pleased , at your arrive, to show you all the residence and ``tell the stories`` about Fabroni family if you wish)

Payment by contactless POS or online virtual pos. so as to avoid touching cash and cards.

No paper. Breakfast menu, information, extra services and reservations will all available via smartphone qr-code or whatsapp